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SAP Practice

EAPT provides a comprehensive understanding of the, industry expertise, best practices, trends, strategic advice, core processes and deep solution expertise needed to navigate through the cycle of selecting, planning, implementing, upgrading, extending, or migrating to new ERP business solutions.

Our consultants are highly experienced in SAP ERP practices and understand the end-to-end business processes that can help you align financials, sales and supply chain operations with corporate goals and objectives. 

EAPT's SAP Impmentation Methodology

Our approach is to partner with you to understand and document your business requirements and develop solutions based on standard SAP ERP to meet your goals.

Overview of our SAP Solutions:

  • Project Management and Implementation
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Interfaces and Conversions
  • Technical Consulting
  • Functional Consulting
  • Upgrades

As an ERP consultants, we offers a variety of ERP solutions that help companies in a wide spectrum of subsectors automate, plan, collaborate, and execute according to their unique business requirements. 

EAPT SAP Solutions Specializations are illustrated in the following map:

SAP Solutions

Project Management and Implementation

EAPT designs robust systems and practical business solutions that can be easily maintained. We have experience in high volume, complex SAP systems with multiple instances across multiple clients.  Our approach is simple - understand and quantify the business problem and then quickly and efficiently design a maintainable technical solution. We believe in phased, scalable solutions that can be rapidly implemented with accurate results.

Enterprise Architecture

Designing an SAP implementation that works well with your systems, data marts, and data warehouse is one of the most challenging tasks of an SAP project. A poorly designed architecture is a costly mistake that can take years to correct. Architecture design is an area where a few outside experts can make a huge difference on a project involving hundreds of employees and 'big company' consultants. EAPT has experts that understand enterprise architecture including ERP systems, BI tools, interfaces, and data warehousing. Our biggest differentiator, however, is that we understand and focus on real business scenarios. EAPT will work with your existing implementation to ensure that your architecture will work when it is implemented as well as years down the road.

  • Interfaces and Conversions

Interfaces and conversions are the 'handshakes' that make an enterprise architecture work. These handshakes are often overlooked in planning yet failure to design and implement accurate, efficient interfaces and conversions can make or break an SAP implementation. Many times, poorly designed interfaces and conversions are not discovered until the testing phases of SAP projects when interfaces fail, reports do not match up on key figures, and teams realize their processes cannot fit into batch processing schedules. EAPT consultants can help you ensure successful handshakes between applications, data marts and warehouses, and within your SAP and SAP/BI environment.

  • Technical Consulting

Our technical consultants are SAP-certified in multiple technical areas. Whether you need help in BASIS, security, ABAP coding, interfaces, custom solutions or system management, EAPT has the resources you need. EAPT consultants have experience with multiple releases of SAP modules and components including BW, APO, CRM and SCM.

  • Functional Consulting

Does your consulting company know how to configure SAP to meet your business needs? Many consulting companies sell cookie-cutter implementations they sell as 'best practices' that might have been developed at one of your competitors. Instead of buying best practices you are buying your competition's implementation. EAPT consultants know industry best practices but will also listen to you to understand YOUR business environment and process. The result is an implementation that is tailored to your needs and incorporates industry best practices. Let us help you design a unique SAP solution that fits your business processes and needs - not your competitors.

  • Upgrades

Upgrading SAP can be a complex process. EAPT follows the below methodology for the SAP Upgrade process:

  • Pre-Upgrade Phase : Business Case Preparation,Upgrade Assesment,Performance Optimization
  • Upgrade Phase : Technical, Functional, SAP Modification adjustment,Integration test support
  • Post Upgrade Phase: Roadmap & Implementation,Unicode Implementation,SAP exploitation for new functionality, Implementation