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supply chain management

Operating a chaos-tolerant supply chain in a world of increasing uncertainty is an impossible mission unless you have business-specific SCM solutions that help you manage complexity and increase your profitability, competitiveness, and growth.

EAPT SCM services meets the challenge with specialized functionality that takes into account the different supply chain perspectives and unique business challenges of manufacturers, retailers, and transportation and logistics service providers. By partnering with EAPT, you're assured of having comprehensive SCM solutions delivered by a single vendor, with best practices and low total cost of ownership built in, that match all of your business priorities from network design/order inception to delivery-from concept to customer.


Our supply chain logistics and inventory management solutions help companies like yours:

  • Reduce supply chain operational costs for increased profitability
  • Improve customer service to enhance competitiveness
  • Manage growth and expansion to improve revenues and market share
  • Become supply chain leaders


Backed by domain experts who know the challenges you face, our supply chain planning and execution solutions comprise the following key components:

  • Strategic Network Design—modeling and optimization tools for determining the most effective number, location, size, and capacity of facilities to meet customer service goals; time-phased tactical planning for determining where and when to make, buy, store, and move product through the network.
  • Demand Planning—forecasting tools, web-based collaboration interface, and sales and operations reporting and metrics that helps companies predict and shape customer demand with greater accuracy.
  • Distribution Planning—inventory analysis and time-variable stock target calculations for ensuring the optimal balance between service levels and inventory investment; synchronized replenishment plans for all network points right back to manufacturing and supplier sources for better visibility.
  • Manufacturing Planning—constraint-based advanced planning system for engineering, assembly, and repetitive manufacturing environments; similar tools for process manufacturers.
  • Production Scheduling—finite capacity scheduling for engineering, assembly, and repetitive environments, as well as batch-process production facilities.
  • Warehouse Management System—end-to-end fulfillment and distribution including inventory, labor, and work and task management, as well as cross-docking, value-added services, yard management, multiple inventory ownership and billing/invoicing, and voice-directed distribution.
  • Event Management—proactive, real-time exception management technology for detecting conditional change anywhere in the supply chain and communicating it instantly for resolution.