Enterprise Analytics Process Technology

strategy and compliance

Our strategy and operations consulting practice is indicative of EAPT’s approach to doing business: thorough and well executed. Through working with corporate real estate and facilities managers, we examine new ways to envision your mission, organize your department, reengineer your processes and evaluate your performance. We explore all facets of your organization, diving as deeply as necessary. On behalf of your executive management, we can help ensure that the corporate real estate and facilities function is a partner in strategy, not just another cost center. We understand the importance of facilities working collaboratively with the other major support functions in the corporation, such as Human Resources, IT, Purchasing, and Finance.


Software Project Management Services

There are times when you either don’t have the time or the resources to take on major software development or IT projects. However, you also realize that these projects are critical to your organizations success.

EAPT's Project Management process is a defined workflow management methodology that ensures the success of your project regardless of scope. We assign a highly-skilled and experienced project manager to your project. They assess the situation and develop a software development management plan.

And depending on the resources needed for the project, we can also employ our IT Gurus in your solution. Chosen for their specific skills sets, our IT Gurus work in collaboration with the project manager and your internal teams to successfully complete the project.

The result of our software development management process has been a solid track record for on-time and on-budget delivery as well as a superior quality of implementation.  It also ensures client downtime is kept to a minimum or in some cases completely eliminated. And because our IT Gurus have an expansive set of technical skills, they are able to minimize the total number of professionals normally needed to complete a project.