Enterprise Analytics Process Technology


Breaking down the activity silos that keep teams from communicating and sharing information is crucial to a software organization’s success. Similarly, technology deployments must focus on improving both individual and team performance by transforming software organizations into integrated, well-coordinated units and improving the performance of each role in the software lifecycle.

EAPT specializes in deploying and configuring solutions that break down silos, whether it involves integrating multiple EAPT technologies together or integrating EAPT technologies with other third-party products already in use within your organization. Our Software Implementation Services consultants are experts at ensuring that EAPT technologies and solutions work within your existing infrastructure, including the broadest range of products and the widest variety of platforms.

Technology is one part of an overall solution that also includes people and processes. Therefore successful implementation requires evaluating your existing technologies, assessing your team’s current practices and skills and then tailoring technologies to support your team’s processes and drive success. And this is exactly what EAPT does in every engagement. That is why EAPT maintains strong partnerships with other industry-leading software vendors and provides an open platform for integration within your organization, giving you a tightly integrated platform, not just another technology silo focused on a single task.

Whether you are implementing a completely new process based on EAPT technology, integrating EAPT solutions with other point solutions within your infrastructure or you are migrating existing software assets to a EAPT solution, our  software implementation consultants work with you to ensure that all the components—people, processes and technology—work together.