Enterprise Analytics Process Technology

IT Management

EAPT IT Management is the premier service designed to address your ongoing IT management and support needs. The service provides regularly scheduled maintenance of systems and networks. When systems is proactively monitored and managed one reduce the exposure to many common problems that IT environments experience due to neglect of maintanence or the security issues inherent from using the Internet. Through our vast experience in supporting small and large businesses, we have developed a checklist that is used to proactively manage and support your IT infrastructure. Some examples of proactive support include:

  • Review of server logs, disk capacities, and general health of servers
  • Validation of backups, strategy, and assurance of restore capability
  • Application of patches and service packs
  • Installation of patches, service packs, and maintenance updates
  • Review status of network components and logs
  • Tuning of network and system components as necessary


This service is customized for each client; however, our approach to IT Management is uniform. First we meet with you to ascertain your short and long term business goals; second we discuss your network environment, users' needs, and critical business functions; and lastly, present you with a solution that fits your needs, all within an affordable monthly budget.

With EAPT IT Management, you get IT procurement assistance. We are experts at helping you select the right product for your needs. We will assist you in getting quotes for hardware, software, networking gear and any other technology products, at a competitive price with the best customer service team in the industry. This service helps you with one-stop shopping, pre-sales support from vendors (if necessary), purchasing of the product, delivery tracking to your location and a seamless escalation path if there are issues.