Enterprise Analytics Process Technology

Human resources Management

EAPT offers HRM services which essentially are a modular approach to managing Human Resources for companies of every size.

We specialize in the modules of HR, Payroll, Attendance, Recruiting Solutions, Train, Self Service and Alerts.

  • HR

  • EAPT HR Services assists you in managing information based on your company's unique structure and needs. With its easy-to-use, XP-style interface, EAPT HR provides a comprehensive, fully-integrated system that streamlines administrative workflow, giving you more time to address strategic business issues.

    HR Features:

    • Manage employee benefits
    • Manage employee training and certifications
    • Manage employee health and wellness information
    • Administer salary and job classifications
  • Payroll

  • Our expertise in payroll services provides you with the control you need to process your payroll accurately and quickly, every time. Through powerful tax compliance reporting and analysis, and excellent tracking of employees' hours and accrual balances, EAPT Payroll service is your complete source for cost-effective payroll management.

  • Attendance

  • EAPT extends services in attendance module which assists you by expanding your attendance tracking capabilities. Our services allow easy setup of virtually unlimited variations of employee attendance and time-off plans.

    We help you

    • Manage any type of attendance plan
    • Manage Accrual of time off benefits for employees
    • Track allowed versus actual time off taken
  • Recruiting Services

  • EAPT Recruiting Services lets you streamline your hiring process. Maintain an organized database of qualified applicants and track hiring expenses. Recruiting is a powerful system designed to significantly shorten your candidate search and selection process.

    We help you

    • Streamline employee search and hiring processes
    • Organize candidates by multiple categories
    • Quickly respond to applicants with personalized from letters
    • Scan or import resume information
  • Training

  • Our training services ensure that your employees receive the training they need on time, every time. We automate the record-keeping, scheduling and correspondence to ensure details do not fall through the cracks.

    Training Features:

    • Manage employee training requirements
    • Help schedule classes, seminars, and courses
    • Help enroll and track employees in training
    • Track certification requirements and expiration
  • Employee Self Service (ESS)

  • EAPT Employee Self-Service provides employees and managers with the power and flexibility to view and/or update their personal information using an Internet browser.

    Employee Self Service Features:

    • Reduce HR administration burden
    • Allow employee/managers to view or update selected data
    • Maintain maximum security of sensitive data
  • Alerts

  • EAPT Alerts services allows you to increase productivity and save time with a system that automatically monitors your EAPT HRMS database and proactively distributes information to your HR/Payroll Personnel, Managers and Employees via your existing email system

    Alerts Features:

    • Monitor date and time sensitive events
    • Verify information changes
    • Create custom notices