Enterprise Analytics Process Technology

Datawarehouse, Integration and Standardization

EAPT’s Data Warehouse, Integration and Standardization service gives you the power to know how to quickly attain and manage consistent and trusted data throughout the organization. We offer a comprehensive integration solution that provides organizations with the flexibility, reliability and agility to respond quickly to new data integration requirements, consolidate vendors, standardize on one integration solution and reduce the overall cost of data integration.

By providing a complete portfolio of data integration capabilities, EAPT’s Data Warehouse Integration and Standardization:

  • Eliminates delivery delays and high costs associated with having IT building custom code for each integration project or having to piece together a myriad of non-integrated technologies by providing a single, integrated and easy-to-use solution.
  • Eliminates business and technical problems caused by inaccurate, contradictory and inconsistent data by embedding data quality within data integration processes and providing a single view of your customers, products and other entities.
  • Eliminates the need to acquire new tools to meet the changing needs of each new data integration project your organization must complete. SAS brings to market a single enterprise solution that can handle all your data integration activities.

Our proven capabilities include: 

  • Connectivity and Metadata– Leverage all data, regardless of source.
  • Data cleansing and enrichment – Profile, cleanse, augment, and monitor data to create consistent, reliable information.
  • Extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) – Extract, transform and load data from across the enterprise to create consistent, accurate information.
  • Migration and synchronization – Capture and propagate data changes in real-time to ensure data integrity, consistency and credibility.
  • Data federation – Query and use data across multiple systems without the physical movement of source data.
  • Master data management – Quickly and reliably create a unified view of enterprise data from multiple sources.