Enterprise Analytics Process Technology

Corporate Governance and Risk Management

EAPT is well positioned to assist corporations in conducting “self audits” of their corporate governance practices. EAPT’s governance consultants not only have the proficiency to expose the gaps between a corporation’s current governance practices and best practice guidelines, but they also have detailed knowledge of structured finance, quantitative modeling and risk analysis in the financial markets. These combined skills provide clients with a value added benefit as they undertake the initiatives to close the gaps.

EAPT’s Risk Management Consultants provides professional consulting, technical and training services in the area of risk management, safety, loss control engineering, security, fire and environmental protection. 

Our client focus includes risk managers, insurance companies, insurance brokers, commercial and industrial businesses, business associations, educational institutions and government agencies in North America.

EAPT’s Risk Consultants is represented by a highly respected, experienced group of professionals, who maintain globally recognized certifications and diplomas in various risk management and related business fields.

We provide practical and sound advice addressing our client’s greatest concerns: people, property, public image, business stability, financial assets and the environment. Products and services are delivered on time and on budget, in a professional and ethical manner.