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Business Transformations

Business transformation consulting from BIS can help you prepare for real transformation by identifying current strengths and weaknesses, then highlighting the roadmap for improvement. BIS has a suite of strategic planning methods and services that can help you first solidify your vision, then make that vision a reality.

Key Features

    • An expert team of BIS consultants specializing in various industries.
    • Industry-specific tools which can help identify transformation opportunities.
    • Strategic consulting methods that leverage the leading practices from a variety of industries.


Our Business transformation consulting services provides a roadmap for the business and technology change needed to improve how your organization does business. We can:

    • Identify your organization’s areas of strength and weaknesses, then conduct detailed performance measurements to assess capabilities and develop a plan.
    • Lead the development of a new or modernized service delivery strategy to optimize service improvements and help minimize cost and delivery gaps and overlaps.
    • Pinpoint and organize the appropriate response to changes in legislative or program policy.
    • Cost-justify and implement improvements in your programs.

Make government programs more accessible, helping you stay connected with your clients across virtually any service channel.