Enterprise Analytics Process Technology

Business Intelligence and Analytics

EAPT's Analytics offer the next wave in business intelligence. This feature allows you to analyse data across all departments and interpret the information that's most important to you. In addition to our analytic tools, you can use your favorite business intelligence tools, including Business Objects, Cognos, Crystal, FRx, or any software that supports ODBC, to access the database table and extract data directly.

Key Features

    • Real-time Dashboards: With EAPT Real-time Dashboards, you can access more than fifty pre-configured key performance indicators and over thirty graphical reports showing your trends over various periods. This includes key information like pipeline metrics, sales, orders, new cases, items sold and more. These indicators can be set for various date ranges and compared to previous timeframes.
    • Customer Segmentation: Advanced Search also includes features for data mining and customer segmentation. The Advanced Expression Builder allows you to create cross analysis of customer purchase history, service patterns and current pipeline activity using "and/or" searches and exclusions through "not" phrases. For example, you can view all customers who purchased a given combination of products except one.
    • Target Group Creations: Target Group Creation enables users to leverage customer purchase, case, opportunity and transaction histories to create target groups, which can then be used to run up-sell and cross-sell campaigns. As a result, you can identify customers who have purchased a certain product, or have spent a certain amount of money in a specific time period, and target them with special offers.
    • Saved Searches Reporting: EAPT's powerful ad hoc query technology, called Advanced Search, allows for analytic queries on the fly. Advanced Search provides an easy interface to analyse customer profiles, purchase histories and service logs. Plus, users can configure group, count, sum, average, minimum and maximum values of a result with just a few clicks. Users can also publish any ad hoc report on the Real-time Dashboard for viewing by the entire company.
    • Report Customisation: You can customise reports by both content and layout. You also have the option to add columns, filter the data and sort the resulting information. For example, you can add another column for a running total, or insert grand totals and subtotals as you need them. In layout, you can change column headings, report titles and the order of columns. You can also display the data in graphical form, such as bar graphs or pie charts.